LenSx® Laser Cataract Surgery


Murdoch Eye Centre has always been at the forefront of the latest eye surgery technologies. Now, the LenSx® laser is the first of its kind in Western Australia, offering the incomparable benefits of laser cataract surgery to our patients. Dr Phil McGeorge are pleased to offer this advanced treatment option to cataract and lens replacement patients.

This femtosecond laser is proven technology for laser cataract surgery and lens replacement procedures.

Staying abreast of technological advances in refractive lens surgery has and always will be essential to the success of Murdoch Eye Centre. Our latest technology continues this tradition by tailoring cataract and lens replacement surgery to the individual patient to ensure the best possible outcome. We now perform LenSx® laser lens surgery to enhance the vision of our patients by using the latest advances in technology. Murdoch Eye Centre is the first eye centre in Perth to be using this incredible tool, so contact us today at our Murdoch clinic to learn more about the bladeless alternative to traditional cataract and lens replacement surgery.

A customised solution

Every eye differs in its size, depth, thickness and curvature of its cornea, so precise measurements and mapping are critical during the planning stages of the eye laser surgery. The LenSx® platform uses a suite of sophisticated technologies such as integrated optical coherence tomography (OCT) to gather these measurements by creating detailed digital images of your eyes. These images allow us to plan and perform lens surgery with unprecedented precision and a level of customisation not possible with manual methods.

Increased accuracy and precision

The LenSx® computer-controlled laser places corneal incisions more accurately than is possible with a handheld blade. It enables lens implantation to be more predictable than before and enhances the visual results.

Enhanced patient comfort and safety

The LenSx® laser platform enhances the patient’s experience in terms of both comfort and safety by reducing the surgical time.

Eye laser surgery provides improved chances to see better fast

As more eye surgeons begin offering LenSx® laser lens surgery, thousands of patients will have the opportunity to attain better, uncorrected vision without the interference of age-related loss of focus or cataracts.